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5 Insights from our Annual Product Manager Jobs Survey

Product Management has evolved with the technology industry.

Though these jobs are challenging and rewarding, we wanted to keep Product Managers and Recruiters in startups looking for Product Managers to better understand the landscape and what recruiters are looking for.  These are the 5 Insights from our annual Product Manager Jobs survey.

Insights from Product Manager Jobs Survey:

  1. 90% of postings say they need a technical degree
  2. 41% list excellent communications skills are a need
  3. 37% of product manager jobs say they want at least 5+ experience
  4. 37% of employers say that they are growing their product management and product design roles in the next 5 years
  5. 80% of product manager job descriptions use the word "agile" or "scrum" at least once

See and share the infographic below: