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Are there Voice Product Managers?

Product Managers come from all walks of life and manage all sorts of products.

You have your 2-D products and then you have 3-D products.

But are there Voice Product Managers, Voice Interface Product Managers or Product Managers for Voice?

Let's take a look!

Voice Product Managers

It seems like we've only recently evolved into designing for the screen and most recently mobile.

I remember when I was in engineering school, design, web design and all that was still in it's infancy and adoption.  Hardcore, conventional engineers shunned it, and even those who thought they understood it, didn't.

Designing for the screen is one thing, designing objects and for voice is entirely another.

The next big platform is voice some might say.  Definitely growing in traction.

Almost every month we see greater visibility over Google Home, Siri, Cortana or Alexa.  Alexa has a huge base of users and Google Home too.  Google and Amazon both built their own hardware and sold their digital assistants to prove that people can like using voice.

Now the 2nd phase of this is putting Google Assistant to Alexa on other devices -- internet of thing devices or (IOT).

Now there are so many diverge products out there that have the voice of Siri, Alexa -- well soon to be anyway.  There's going to more and more of these products out there and eventually there will need to be a product manager involved.

Surveying the Voice Product Manager jobs landscape

From what we're able to see, the most used term for this type of role is: "Product Manager, Voice".  These roles include jobs are telecom companies (i.e. Verzion) who sell wireline and internet service providers who sell use of the internet.  They also sell these products, Echo and Google Home, to encourage people to do more.

There are also other jobs in the startup tech scene.  These jobs are typically build a new hardware product that they want to integrate Alexa into.  There are some really interesting jobs such as:

Voice Product Managers make about $85000 a year.

This is still an emerging term that's being used.  This is an emerging field and going to be shaped by the millions.

Amazon and Google are going to put out the same products but with a dedicated screen.  So things are changing, but it's likely that in the near future, we will live in a "Star Trek" like world where we use our hands/fingers to continue to push buttons, our eyes to see displays and voice do what it naturally does best.