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[Product Manager Diaries] Jason Abdo

Name or What Do You Want to Be Known As:

Jason Abdo or Product Protege.

Twitter: @Product_Protege


Role or Product Manager Job Title:

Product Director

When did you start this Product Management Journey?


Why do you think it's cool being a Product Manager?

Building a feature/function or new product that balances customer experience, customer value, and business value is a fascinating experience for me. 

Describe a "week-in-the-life" of yourself as a Product Manager. (Tell us how you spend your time, what types of tasks you do and who you meet with.)

Most days start with breathing exercise with my apple watch while I wait for my coffee; really gets me transitioned and ready for the day. I start most days with checking direct mentions on Slack; as thats how my team knows how to get my attention as needed.

Then head to the office where I'll spend about 30 minutes going through email and making sure the meetings for the days have agendas that make it worth while to attend; and if not - pressing the creator of the meeting with an agenda or to confirm that my presence is absolutely needed.

I'll then head into product-related meetings (Stand ups, pre grooming, grooming sessions) with engineers, scrum masters, and/or designers. Typically will have standing meetings throughout the week with a core team (leadership), product analytics, our product owners/deliver managers, research team, and meetings set aside with myself (to brainstorm, ideate, focus on raw data manipulation and trend spotting). 

In one sentence, what do you identify as the main pain-point you are having as a Product Manager?

Stakeholder management. 

If you have an online Portfolio, or links to products or services that features your work (i.e. designs, articles, etc.), list them here! 

I've worked on;; Mobile App (available on iOS and Android store)

What are three suggestions or pieces of advice for those who are considering ditching their existing careers and stepping into the Product Management world?

  • Take a data-analysis class
  • Work on your skill of influencing others
  • Find a mentor that is a product manager
  • BONUS: Join a startup part time and offer to work for free on their product team.