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To Employers: Why You Should List on

We started because we have been in the jobs market for years.  We've been Product Managers, Product Owners and have had dozens of product interviews collectively.  We know what it's like to be on the side of people a job seeker.

We also know that a Product Manager, we want to be useful, productive and know that our contribution is going to have an impact, wide or small.

We want a Product role that will make use well like we are part of the business because it makes it most meaningful. It also feels good to have "skin-in-the-game", so share your shares with us as the company growths.  Be generous because we are an essential role that catalyzes the product in order to pass that wonderful experience to our users.

We are a 'we' -- we work together, dine together, we want to be rewarded with knowing we made some great together.  It's something we look back in decades at a summer BBQ and feel nostalgic to say that "I was there".  You were there too.

We want to live great lives, improving our knowledge and experience, so make sure I go to conferences, make sure I take my head out of the office space and go out and see the world.  I'll come back refreshed.

I'll come back also with potentially amazing ideas for our product and also for future products.  I'm an intrapreneur and entrepreneur.  Let's incubate them together.

Please let me know how I can serve, help you build the mission-critical world-class, B2B2C2C product and 'X-as-a-service'.

Please put your jobs here for product roles because we/I love product.

We come from all other careers -- marketing, physics, business, engineering and it's not that we didn't love it there, we just wanted more.

More business, more development, more leverage to mold the product.  More say in how the product is made, or how the product needs to evolve.

We're like a film director, we orchestra, we are the puppeteers in the background.  We bring the whole cast and crew together to get things done on time and on budget.  We go to red carpet premieres if we have to and typically they are celebrated in the "games room".

We put our blood, sweat and tears in to these apps, so give credit where credit is due.  The team is what made this work and we will make the team "work" and work and 'work'.

We believe in no miracles -- just hard work, slaving over screens, whiteboards, sticky notes or conversations.  We do what it takes to get it down, do what it takes to find an equitable solution for all.

We try to bring peace to the team, one conversation at a time.  We bring consensus one Sprint at a time.

Let us be a part of your journey, let us build this company together, let's prioritize.

This is our story as Product Managers -- this is our time.


Employers, VP of Products, Hiring Managers we welcome you.

We will always have a free-tier for single job postings to help you connect quickly with great product manager candidates. 

Let us know below have we can support you even more in the future. We are here to listen to any feedback you have.