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[Ultimate Guide] Product Manager Jobs San Francisco

As you can image, the nexus for the best, the most interesting Product Management jobs hale from San Francisco, the Bay Area and much of California.

Here's the market report of what a typical Product Manager makes in San Francisco, the types of jobs, the industries it's typically in etc.

Product Manager Jobs San Francisco

We last did this research in June 2018.  We are doing this no just for the city of San Francisco, but also the surrounding areas too.


The average salary for a role for 'Product Manager' is around $124,000 per year.  This is for the city of San Francisco.

If we're talking about a Senior Product Manager in San Jose, that can be up to $150,000 a year.

Job Titles, Most Used

Product Manager is the most used term.  Then all the other adjectives attached to that such as Senior Product Manager, Technical Product Manager.