Next Insurance

Why we do this

Next Insurance is a diverse and strong team of engineers, designers, insurance advisors, and product managers who are passionate about making the lives of small business owners easier. We all strive to make the product and experience better for you, our customers. We are led by 3 fearless serial entrepreneurs who discovered how difficult it was to insure the first of their ventures back in 2005. We have set out to make sure no other small businesses are blocked from achieving their dreams because of insurance.

Our manifesto

When you start a business, you’re placing a huge bet on yourself. A bet on your ideas. On your passion. Your blood, your sweat and tears. We created Next Insurance to give your business the edge it deserves. Simple, affordable and transparent insurance plans tailored to your specific industry. You want the confidence of great coverage exactly where you need it. And none where you don’t.

Your business is on a very unique mission.

Finally, there’s an insurance partner that understands that.